Comfort and performance for horse, rider and dog

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Equine Physiotherapy

can provide...

 Regular comfort checks- recommended for all horses!

Rehabilitation forinjuries such as tendon and ligament injuries

Rehabilitation following surgery for example for kissing spine

Comfort into old age

Ease muscle spasm from hard work or an ill fitting saddle.

Assist vets in the investigation of poor performance or lameness

*Permission of your vet will be required before your horse can be seen*


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Physiotherapy considers an individual's history and current problems and combines this information with  assessment of posture, movement and reaction to touch. Appropriate treatment techniques are  selected in order to increase comfort and improve the individals ability to carry out daily tasks.

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Canine Physiotherapy

can provide...

can provide...

Rehabilitation following surgery for example for spinal disc problems.

Rehabilitation following injuries

Comfort into old age, assisting with neurological and joint problems

Treatment for hip/ebow dysplasia

*Permission of your vet will be required before your dog can be seen*

Rider Physiotherapy

can provide...

Help with asymmetries

Reduction in pain from arthritis and old or recent injuries

Improve your seat

Improve your transitions

Improve your stickability

Improve your horses way of going as a result!

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Blue Halt
Clip at Hothorpe 15-08-2017 (6)
Clip at Hothorpe 15-08-2017 (6)

About me

Birkby Veterinary Physiotherapy was set up as a result of ten years of study and in the lifelong pursuit of a dream to work with horses, riders and dogs to improve their wellbeing and performance.


Passionate about horses and a besotted dog lover all my life,  physiotherapy allows me to combine my passions into a career. I studied for four years with Nottingham Trent University gaining a BSc in Equine Sport Science. This degree really sparked my interest in horse sport, particularly as I spent a year as a working pupil with top eventing and sport horse producer Dassett Eventing.


Following this I completed a BSc in Physiotherapy at the University of Birmingham and started work in the NHS as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist in Leicestershire, treating patients with everything from back pain to arthritis, sporting injuries and following surgery.


At the same time I studied for my MSc in Veterinary physiotherapy at Hartpury University centre, allowing me to expand my physiotherapy skills to animals.

In order to maintain my status as a chartered physiotherapist and veterinary physiotherapist I am constantly learning about the field, by reading research, attending courses and debating with my colleagues, in order to provide the best possible treatment I can.