Any due payment must be completed in 28 days

All animal assessment and courses of treatment require written veterinary consent.

If your horse is on loan, consent from the owner is also required.

Physiotherapy services can be used to assess a horse which you have a view to buy, however consent from the current owner and the horse’s current vet is required. Such assessments do not replace a vetting from a vet and have no influence over insurance companies decision to provide insurance cover for you prospective horse. 

All horses must be up to date with influenza inoculations within the last 6 months before their physiotherapy appointment.




Physiotherapy as with any treatment carries inherent risk. Every effort is made to assess your animal and provide appropriate treatments, avoiding any contraindications and taking precautions into account to create a favourable outcome for you and/ or your animal.

Physiotherapy particularly in horses can remove protective muscle spasm and reveal subtle lameness, which can assist your vet in diagnosing lameness. Protective spasm will normally reoccur within around 24-48hrs and lamenss will normally reduce.